One of the most famous regions in Italy, Puglia is a beautiful gem located in the south of the boot. Here you’ll find the best beaches in the country, pittoristic lazy small towns that magically awake in the evening, miles and miles of olive fields, cities overhanging the sea.

I had the chance to go there last summer and this is my top 5 places you won’t want to miss

1.CASTEL DEL MONTE: a fortress that dates back to the XIII century, Castel del Monte is part of the World’s Heritage. This building’s peculiarity is immediate at the view: it is octagonal and on every corner, they’re eight octagonal towers. Researchers aren’t sure on the use of the castle, and in the years it has change its purpose several times. It has been a prison, a barn, a shelter for robbers, and also a source of building supplies for the locals. Adults tickets 10 euro, kinds free. You can take a bus from the parkin that will take you to the castle or you can easily walk there. This was definitely my favourite attraction in Puglia.

2. OSTUNI: also known as La Città Bianca, which means the white city. Ostuni owes his notoriety to the lime paint coloring of its buildings. In the middle of the old town dominates the majestic Cathedral of Santa Maria dell’Assunzione. The best thing to do here is getting lost in the labyrinth of streets tainted by the color white and stop in one of the countless bars or gelato shops to refresh your self.

3. GROTTA DELLA POESIA Situated in Salento, the southern part of the region, this natural pool is a rare beauty. This is the perfect place for diving lovers. The name comes from a local legend that tells of a beautiful princess who loved bathing there and poets from all over Italy went there to write poems for her.

4. ALBEROBELLO This white plastered town is one of the icons of Puglia. It is known as the capital of Trulli, the typical houses with the conical roof. Unfortunately, it is very touristic which means it’s quite crowded. Here you can visit a lot of Trulli from the inside and learn how people used to live in the houses back in the days. If you’d like to live the experience your self you’ll find a lot of accommodations both on Airbnb and Booking.

5. POLIGNANO A MARE Built on a dramatic ridge, Polignano a Mare is mainly a seaside town where you can taste fresh seafood and the notorious potato ice cream. The main activities to do here are swimming or sunbathing in one of the many free rocky shores. The best spot in the whole town is the Lama Monachile, where there’s a tiny beach, surrounded by a unique charming view.


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