A weekend at Glamping Ribno

Situated a few kilometers from the notorious Lake Bled lies the historical Hotel Ribno, which in the recent years decided to expand his offer, introducing his self into the world of Glamping. Therefor separately from the main facility, there’s a little village in the woods made of eight little wooden cabins built on trees.

All the houses are built with Slovenian wood by Slovenian craftsmen. Each cabin can host up to four guests, in two bunk beds, and is provided with heating system, tv and a little dining area. In the patio, there’s a beautiful wooden hot tub with 35° water all year round. Each house has a private bathroom situated in a separate area. This can be quite annoying when you need to use the toilet in the middle of the night, trust me! The service was very kind and prepared: when we arrived at the checking they explained everything regarding the facility and what to do in the surroundings. Furthermore, I went to the reception around midnight to complain about the heat in the cabin, and a few minuted later a waiter knocked on the door holding a fan. How helpful?!

Hotel Ribno also offers various services such as sauna, tennis court and bike rental. Moreover, breakfast is included in the price and it’s quite furnished. Paying an addition you can order room service and have it delivered in your cabin. Dinners are on request but I found the offer quite disappointing.

The only negative thing was the cleaning: we found spiderwebs everywhere. It was a pity because the whole experience was great, the cabins are magical and this little (not so little) detail put a shade on it.

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LAKE BLED The color of the water is absolutely amazing: so vivid and so bright, that it looks surreal. It is one of the major attractions in Slovenia. Here you can practice different activities: from simple walks around the lake to water sports such as kayaking and swimming. What really makes the lake famous is its islet. To get there you can rent a rowboat and paddle by your self, or buy a ticket (15 euros) for a Pletna, a traditional boat, and watch the boater row for you. In this last case, once there, you’ll get 45 minutes to walk around. The island is tiny, so it will be enough. The main thing to do here is to climb the 99 stairs to get to The Church of the Mother of God where you can join the queue to ring the bell three times while making a wish.

BLED CASTLE Perched on the lake there’s another popular attraction: Bled Castle. Built under the domination of Henry II it’s known to be the oldest castle in Slovenia. You can get there by walking on the indicated paths or by car. The castle hosts a luxurious restaurant with a breathtaking view on the Lake (here’s the link).

VINTGAR GORGES 5 km from Bled, in the Triglav National Park, lies the Vintgar gorges. Boardwalks are erected along the canyon carved by the impetuous river Radovna. Tickets cost 10€ for adults and 3€ for kids. The trail is 1,5 km long, which means around 3 hours and a half walk. It’s the perfect place to hide during boiling hot summer days.


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