Christmas is almost here, and it’s time to decorate our houses if we haven’t already. I’m usually a Grinch when it comes to this festivity. I don’t like it at all: it makes me sad and I’m never in the festive mood. But for once I decided to attempt a different approach and take this time of the year as an opportunity to make the house look cute and cosy. Therefore, unlike the past years, I started thinking about Christmas decoration earlier: I got a brand new tree and loads of ornaments.  Eventually, I went from just having a Christmas tree in the living room, the past years, to having decorations in almost every room of the house.

I’m very happy with the result hence, I’d love to share them with you and maybe inspire those who haven’t decorated the house already. In particular, I want to focus on Christmas trees: not being a fan of the traditional ones, I created my alternative versions on them.

  • The first one it’s in the living room. It’s more similar to the classic Christmas tree, but with some twists. First of all, I went for a fuller fake spruce. Who wants a sad, bald tree, not me for sure! I found this one from Amazon. With regard to the hanging decorations, I didn’t want the classic Christmas balls because they’re pretty boring to me, and I wanted to follow a specific colour palette. So I got some balls but we mostly focused on different objects such as houses, mushrooms, stars and this like that. The colours I selected were: white, gold, brown, copper and a hint of red. I bought almost everything from Maisons du Monde, while the top star is from Amazon.



  • This one isn’t a proper tree but it’s some kind of it. It’s a great option when you don’t have enough space to install a real tree. It’s basically a wreath I found at Ikea, that I wrapped around the rod of the kitchen shelf. and decorated with some balls. The balls are very tiny because I wanted something more subtle and also something that won’t compromise practicality of the shelf. My favourite things here are the cactus lights that I found at Maisons du Monde, too. How cute are they? I looove them.



  • Now the teeny tiny tree, a smaller tree is another good alternative for small spaces, such as a hall. This one is another find from Ikea.  In this case, we went for minimalistic decorations: we just put the tree in a golden  Ikea pot, added some tiny star lights and a red ribbon on top.



  • The last one is the most different. I’m very attached to this tree because me and my boyfriend made it entirely two years ago. Starting from zero we created a made a plan, bought a few planks and a poles, drill some holes and voilà, here’s our wooden Christmas tree ready to be decorated (If you’d like to see how we made it, let me know and I’ll be happy to make a video or a post about it). As ornaments, we opted for flat bottom clear balls (Maison du Monde), pine cones and golden t-lights.


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