We all know how boiling hot the weather can get in summer. But as fashion addicts as we are, we aspire to always look good, regardless temperature and weather. But how to achieve our vainglorious dream? How to dress well without drawning in our sweat?  Well there are a few tips we can follow.



The fabric first of all! We’ll be needing to choose natural fibers which are going to let our skin breath. So let’s forget lycra and anything sintetic! Linen is the ultimate summer fabric: it’s nice, fresh, has texture, and gives us a lot of options. We can easily find linen shirts, trousers and dresses. I have a lot of linen items in my closet and I could wear them every single day, I swear!

  1. Linen dress here
  2. Linen shirt here
  3. Linen pants here

2.Dresses and skirts


Well, choosing a dress or a skirt gives us more room for moving easily and more ventilation, expecially in the lower area. The fits to pick are a line, skater and shirt. And the colors to go for this summer are yellow, pink, blue, and white. Halter top or off the shoulder ones are my favs.

4. Red dress here

5. Blue dress here

6. White dress here



I love sun and sunny days but sometimes the light can be so annoying. A good pair of sunnies are essential on summer: seeing trought darker lenses our receptor perceive the heat less. What style to get? Cateyes, roundshape, aviator, frameless? It’s up to our choice. Mirror lenses are the trend of the moment. I personally love cateyes.

7. Prada here

8. MiuMiu here

9. Chloè here



Another important accessory to have in our wardrobe for summertime is the hat, which has a double function: it protects our head from the sun in order to prevent headaches, and it’s also a stylish piece that can spice up every outfit. Straw hat are the most summery.

10. here

11. here

12. here

5.Small bags


Living with heat it’s already hard, we don’t need to add more stress on ourselves carrying heavy loads around. We girls know how many useless stuff we pack in our bags everytime. So to get to be more agile we will be needing to carry only the necessary with us, and more specifically only what fits into a small bag. Micro and small bags are also a 2017 trend.

11. Furla Gioia here

12. Chloè Mini Faye backpack here

13. Gucci bag Soho here

Let me know if you agree.

With love, Blessing.





    • B.E.O.
      8 Luglio 2017 / 9:09 AM

      Yep! Deal done!
      Thank you

    • B.E.O.
      8 Luglio 2017 / 9:10 AM

      So do I! It’s the best when it’s boiling hot!

  1. 8 Luglio 2017 / 7:27 PM

    Yes to the material absolutely love linen keep me breezy n cool all summer 😊

    • B.E.O.
      24 Luglio 2017 / 10:19 AM

      For sure! Thank for the comment.

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