In the recent years online shopping has seen a huge growth and development. Researches estimates a 20% growth per year.

Shopping online has significant advantages, as for me:

  • You get to see all the items of a store without any effort. Usually when you phisically go to a shop you’ll never be able to completely see all the assortment.
  • You don’t need to move from your house, because, all you need is your laptop and a good internet connection. It’s the best thing when the weather is bad (too cold or to hot to go outside), you don’t want to move the car or a lot of other lazy reasons.
  • You can purchase from all over the world. I live in Italy and, a lot of brand don’t have physical stores here, or if they have, they’re too far from where I live, so shopping online becomes the only athernative.

The only con, as I see it, is that you don’t get to try on the items, and you don’t really know how they are until they arrive unfortunately. I know a lot of people how never shop online ‘cos they’re afraid what they’ve bought won’t fit. Today every online store has a reasonable return policy, so:  no need to be scared!

I love shopping, and online shopping in particular. As I said previously it’s easy, fast and, I would like to say inexpensive, but that’s not my case.

Here is a short list of my favourite online shops.


Asos has an endless selection of products (from clothing to cosmetics) and brands. Asos branded item comes in a very good quality and are always on trend. Prices are variable so you can purchase according to your budget without renunciations. Shipping* to Italy is fast and you can also upgrade to ASOS premier in order to have next day delivery for a year, paying 18,99 €.

Latest purchase from the store:


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cos [40X15]

COS: love, love, love! The brand has a minimal style offer, clean lines and also some avantgarde items. The prices can be a pretty high for someone but the quality is really good. It’s worth the money. Love the denim and knitwear collection. Shipping* could be faster.

Latest purchase from the store:


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La redoute is a french brand from which me and my mum have been purchasing since years. The prices are variable. They’re knitwear can last for ages. They sell their own brand items but also other names such as Vila, Esprit, Converse, Adidas and so on. Shipping* time is ok.

Latest purchase from the store:


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From Topshop I mainly buy denim. The shop has a wide selection of denim, including every fit and cut. Jeans comes in a really good quality and to me prices are super convenient. The shipping* is a little slow.

Latest purchase from the store:


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*Shipping referres to Northern Italy.





  1. 5 Luglio 2017 / 6:40 PM

    I LOVE Topshop! I literally just wrote a post featuring a new kaftan from their line if I could wear it everyday I would ha!

    • B.E.O.
      8 Luglio 2017 / 9:13 AM

      Topshop it’s one of the best online stores! I will go and have a look then…I’m curious.

  2. 16 Luglio 2017 / 9:45 AM

    Nice collection. Summers are so fun and stylish.

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